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Product Installation

Mulch, Rock, Sand and Gravel Installation

Have us install your mulch, rock, sand and gravel. Contact bmdlandscapes.ca to learn more about this service.


20 mm rundle with curbing

20 mm Rundle Rock Installation

40 mm Limestone with Planting

40 mm Rundle Rock Installation

40 mm Rundle with Cedar

40 mm Rundle Rock and Cedar Mulch Installation

Douglas Fir Mixed Nuggets Stobbe Backyard

Douglas Fir Mixed Nugget Installation

Black Woodchip with Sandstone

Black Woodchip Installation

Shredded Pine with Curbing

Shredded Pine Installation

Compost Installation

  • Whether you have a mature, established garden or we're creating a brand new bed for you, we can install compost to your existing soil, adding organic matter, improving water retention and ensuring the success of your plants. 

NutriOM Installation

  • Does your lawn look worn out? We can topdress your existing lawn with NutriOM compost. For maximum results, we rake in 1/4 to 1/2 inch of NutriOM compost after aerating. Water it thoroughly and watch your lawn become golf course green in no time. 
  • NutriOM compost also makes a great mulch! Have us apply NutriOM evenly at a depth of 1 inch to suppress weeds, add organic matter and retain moisture. 

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What's in Your Garden Soil?

Calgary soil can be hard to work with. In new home construction, builders often use fill material that has little or no nutritional value. You CAN improve your soil and we can help.

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