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 Concrete Curbing

Services-Edging (Concrete Curbing)

  • Concrete cubring is poured onsite as one continuous curb
  • Texture and colour are individualized to match your home and landscaping

Paving Stone Edging

Services-Edging (Paving Stone Edging)

  • Fantastic option to match garden beds with a new or existing patio
  • You can run a lawn mower over top, reducing grass trimming

 We recommend establishing a distinct edge between your garden beds and lawn. Wether you choose a defined manual edge, plastic edging, concrete curbing or paving stone edging, we can provide the services to keep your soil and mulch in your garden beds and the grass out. 

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Product Installation

Let us install your composts, screened loam, lawn edging, decorative rock or sand & gravel for you. Contact us for a FREE estimate.

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