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NEW! Tote Bag Waste Fill


Fill it with yard waste and we haul it away!

$99+GST (per bag)

 Fill Your TOTE Bag with Yard Waste and We Pick it Up!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What can I put in the bag?

A. YARD WASTE ONLY! This includes sod, grass, clippings, tree leaves, dead plants and topsoil. No subsoil or clay, rock or gravel. No household waste, food waste, construction waste or hazardous materials. Please fill out the Declaration of Non-Hazardous Goods prior to pick up and place it in the clear pouch found on the bag. Additional charges will apply if hazardous waste is found in the bag.


Q. How much can I put in a bag?

A. Fill it to the top! Do not overfill so that you cannot tie it. The bag must be upright and level so the handles can be accessed by the crane. Same charge applies no matter if the bag is full or not.


Q. What if my bag has landfill waste in it?

A. We will still pick it up for a charge of $149 + GST.


Q. How is the bag picked up from my residence?

A. The bag must be placed where our truck can access it, for example, place the bag at the end of the driveway or back alley. Please make sure there are no overhead obstructions or overhead power lines. We cannot crane it out of a back yard or from inside a garage.


Q. What if I don't have a bag but would like an empty bag?

A. You can pick up an empty bag(s) from our office or we can deliver an empty bag(s) to your door for $30 + GST (each bag). Pickup of the filled bag is $99 + GST.


Q. Will you accept a competitor's bag filled with yard waste?

A. Yes. Same pick up charge applies.


Q. Is there a bag deposit refund?

A. No. When we come to pick up the filled bag from your residence, we will drop off a 10% off coupon toward a future purchase. We will recycle or reuse the used bag.


Q. What if the bag is not accessible to the driver and truck?

A. A charge of $25 will be billed for our pick-up attempt. Please ensure the filled bag is accessible by our truck and driver.


Q. Is there an extra charge outside of Calgary city limits?

A. Yes, please call our office at (403) 247-1933 or email reception@soilcentral.ca for pricing in your area.