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Challenging Soils

Challenging Soils

Soil Challenges

Hard Packed Soils

Soils that are hard packed are typically caused by an imbalance of the sand/silt/clay ratio.  Hard packed soils tend to have too much clay and not enough of sand and silt to loosen up the compaction.  To mitigate this, apply SC Compost to the existing soil and mix in thoroughly.  If it does not help, you many need to remove the old soil and replace it with our SC Garden Blend soil.

Hydrophobic Soils

Soils that do not hold moisture tend to be called Hydrophobic.  If you find you are constantly watering your plant pots or beds this is typically due to the existing soil having too much silt and sand and not enough topsoil or clay.  To mitigate this, add Screened Loam (topsoil) to the existing soil.